Antigua photo trip 2019

Spitsbergen in September

Every September, the crew of tall ship Antigua welcomes enthusiast photographers, taking them on a magnificent trip along the shores of arctic Spitsbergen. Fall in the high arctic… the days are rapidly getting shorter and this far north the praised golden hour lasts for most of the day, while the relatively warm ocean currents help to keep the temperature manageable. The first snow covers the sharp peaks of the archipelago and skies are changing continuously - a dream for every nature photographer.

It’s now November and to me, looking back, this was one of the most impressing journeys of my life. Vast glaciers everywhere you look, polar bears, whales, but also the feeling that you are alone in unforgiving, wild territories. To walk on the desolate shores of this archipelago with a small group of like-minded fellow explorers is priceless.

Antigua seeking shelter

Weather and ice are always a major factor when traveling in the arctic. This trip the remains of hurricane Dorian, which wreaked havoc in the Caribbean earlier that month, approached Spitsbergen. Although Dorian had decreased to a hefty storm, the Antigua crew altered course several times to not get struck by its full force. Still, the journey took us to some amazing places like the towns of Ny Ålesund and Barentsburg, Krossfjorden, Coraholmen, Engelskbukta, and other hidden treasures.

Route of the Antigua between 10-18 September 2019. Departure and arrival: Longyearbyen

Route of the Antigua between 10-18 September 2019. Departure and arrival: Longyearbyen

Landing sites and glacier views during the trip, in order:

  • Sarstangen (Forlandsund)
  • Engelskbukta (Forlandsund)
  • Signehamna (Krossfjord)
  • Lilliehöökbreen (Krossfjord)
  • Ny Ålesund (Kongsfjord)
  • Blomstandhalvøya (Kongsfjord)
  • Trygghamna
  • Barentsburg (Grønfjord)
  • Kokerineset (Grønfjord)
  • Gipsvika (Tempelfjord)
  • Skansbukta
  • Coraholmen (Ekmanfjord)
  • Wahlenbergbreen (Ekmanfjord)
  • Longyearbyen

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